Autumn Grace

Autumn Grace
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~ by Nature Gal on October 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Autumn Grace”

  1. L., I love the photo but as always, I want the name of the flower. I’m learning here bit by bit. Help me out a lil, willl ya? Peace and beauty! (Thanks for your recent support – it means so much to me. Peace and flowers.

    ~ RS ~

  2. Thank you for stopping by, RS. I hope this indicates that you are feeling better again. I wish, I wish . . . !
    As to the flower – it is a fall-blooming aster which comes in various shades of blue (I have them from the palest blue to deep purple). The stems get fairly tall (about 5 feet and up) and the blossoms attract all sorts of insects. If the sun is on it, the plant sounds like a beehive 😉

    Take care, my thoughts are with you,

  3. But of course it’s an aster!! I knew that, I just didn’t remember I knew that. Please excuse my fogginess.

    It’s trippy having a brain that just sorta functions. I keep not being able to find the right word for things – like alzheimers or something — boy, I don’t need that too!! (I’m thinking it’s the morphine and menopause) Feeling better? Like everyone – there are good days and not so good days – or rather – my perception sucks on some days I think might be more like it.

    Hey, I have very much appreciated you and R and your very nice, comforting concern for me. I love you for it. You both must be very special people. I’m glad to have you in my life in this way.

    Now, you just have to get an avatar! Yes?

    Peace and love.

    ~ RS ~

  4. Ruby, as always, it is so good to hear from you. I think we would get along well in ‘real’ life too 😉 I find it amazing how you meet people you would have never even known were out there were it not for blogs like yours, the internet in general. And of course there has to be something there to catch and keep your interest, and you do that in spades! So yesterday’s incident? – a mere speck on the wall that does not even merit attention. I think of you many times in the course of a day, hoping that the meds work for you; but forget about the forgetfulness – I have started writing things down years ago 😉 If it isn’t in my book it will not happen.

    You are absolutely right about the avatar – JG is fixing up one of my pictures as we speak – he is so good at these things that I won’t even interfere 😉

    Peace, love and everything else that is good,


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