Blue Buttons (Field Scabious, Witwenblume)

Blue Buttons / Field Scabious / Witwenblume
Click image to view larger version.

This little wildflower is quite common in northern Austria where I live now, a seemingly non-stop bloomer during the summer months it attracts a variety of butterflies and insects, and besides being quite attractive it has the added advantage that slugs and snails are not fond of it. Sounds like a definite addition to my garden next year 😉


~ by Nature Gal on November 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Blue Buttons (Field Scabious, Witwenblume)”

  1. This reminds me very much of a Wisconsin wildflower, the Wild Bergamot.

  2. you are right, barbara, bergamot and scabious blossoms are very close in color, I hadn’t noticed that before, but the field Scabious is a much smaller plant, less than a foot high, and the blossom is filled. They also come in a creamy white. A friend of mine has the garden variety of Bergamot, beautiful flowers, aren’t they. I have to see if I can beg, steal, or borrow some next spring 😉

  3. Not just a mere thistle?

    Peace to you my friends, much love.

  4. no thistle, this lovely flower – where thistles have thorns this wildflower is a soft and gentle creature 😉
    Thank you for stopping by, Ruby, stay well!
    Love to you and yours,

  5. Thanks for the lovely pics. I have one I took of this same type & it sure makes me smile.

  6. Aren’t these wild flowers precious? There is a hilltop not far from here, lots of stones and rocks and just a little bit of soil between the rocks. One wouldn’t assume that anything would grow there. That’s where you find all sorts if interesting plants, also lots of blue and creamy white bell flowers. One has to admire their tenacity.

    Thank you for stopping by,

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