Flip Side

Flip Side
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‘Flip side’ because these leaves come from the same tree, silvery white underneath, yellow on top. Makes for quite a show in a breeze. This picture was taken along old railroad tracks.


~ by Nature Gal on November 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “Flip Side”

  1. Nice shot. Those leaves look almost blue on their undersides. I have been seeing some photos of leaves lately and some under water ones that are pretty interesting. I’d love to know more about photography.

    Thanks for helping me to live vicariously!

    Much peace and love to you to day.

    ~ RS ~


    Thank you so much for our comments, Ruby.
    Sometimes I feel that pretty leaves in the fall must be our reward for having to deal with the cold winter months, don’t you think?
    Photography IMO is like anything else one gets involved in, an ongoing learning phase, lots of trial (oh yes, there is plenty of room for error too ;), and simply loving it.
    Wanting to take pictures sure gets us out of the house on those days where it is nice and warm and dry inside 😉

    Love and peace, and wishes for lots of good things to come your way,


  2. You’re the photographer here love – so I can ony say that I can look and wish I could take those shots that truly fill me with awe. I’m trying to work up some justification that would get me to where I could say I deserved one of those cameras that can take those extra special shots but … I need to start getting to know the little digital that my son got for me a bit first.

    I’ve been thinking of you and R., and thinking I wish we could visit more in a different venue. I have so many questions.

    As always, wishing you love, peace and beauty.

    ~ RS ~

  3. Wow, that is high praise indeed. Incognito today?
    Funny, R and I were talking recently about you and the fact that your comments are always so spot on and that there is an excellent photographer in you just waiting to come out. Therefore I am so glad that you mentioned a camera. I’d be more than happy to ‘talk’ about anything and then some. Just contact me through email from that other site we met on 😉

    Love, hugs, and the peace we all so desperately desire,

  4. Oops…I have a multitude of names – MoonSage, twobluemoons, bluemoonZ, bruiser58, ah um, mommamoon…it’s growing too – the nick Aura (notice the rhyme?) is appealing to me as well. Another is Luna, or LaLune which I had better register while I’m thinking of it – it’s so me…

    I’m wonder what other site we met on…Actually, I do have access to a personal chatroom I’ve thought of setting up – not sure how much I want to do that since I used to have one for years (maybe one of these days I’ll write about it) and it got so big and so busy I wound up getting hurt physically and an not going to let that happen again. It could be more of my attitude that did it …. broke me . But a personal one- private – maybe invite only might be a better idea – I’ve sort of been seriously throwing it around again – I’m not sure how up to it any of us are.

    Anyway, very much love to y’all today.

    Peace always,

    ~ RS ~

    OH, I’ve got something for you both but it will have to be via email for now unless I go public which might not be a bad thing. Ask R.; I mentioned a song I thought he must know but he didn’t…

    Always love, light.

  5. This is a beautiful capture!!

  6. Thank you for stopping by, and for your nice comment of course.

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