Frozen Fence

Days of freezing fog leave intricate patterns.

Frozen Fence


Click image to view larger version.

~ by Nature Gal on December 31, 2007.

10 Responses to “Frozen Fence”

  1. beautiful patterns!!! great shot!!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your comment.
    Regards, Lila.

  3. Fun design. Fun capture.

  4. That’s a great photo! What a wonderful find.

    Thinking of you today and on many day.

    Always love.

  5. Thank you, Ruby. It does remind me that every season has its beauty, as every age and phase of our lives has its own. Without the cold in the winter months, and in this case weeks and weeks with no sun and endless fog, scenes like this one wouldn’t be possible.
    Hope this finds you well rested and happy. Love to you and A.
    Love and peace,

  6. i love the pattern (:

  7. That is a beautiful photo.

  8. thanks, Kitty. I’ve been so many places other than this blog lately that I am always amazed when someone stops by ­čśë
    I took a look at you pool duck, amazing that they should decide to move in with you AND dogs. I saw a story recently about Canada geese that built a nest in a parking lot. The male took on cars trying to protect these eggs. Some amazing stuff out there.

  9. That’s the second time this happens this year with ducks.

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